The sport is suggested to be instilled from an early age, notifying the significance of having a healthy way of life, having awareness of good nutrition and to be interested in the values that proposes the training, considering the same not only as a method of exercising our muscles, but also as a task that permits us to prepare for the different difficulties that life presents us.

That is why in the education of children Sport Training appears, likewise referred to as Sport Base, which is essentially a sport for young ages, where the smallest as well as youths start to take shape in adapting to various regulations, developing their physical abilities and constructing the structures that may even subsequently lead to a Sport for Grownups.

This development tends to be organized by universities in the talks, classes and courses associated with athletics, as well as including the first abilities at an early age through Sports Games, which permit youngsters to begin to absorb various guidelines and Standards for a specific function, according to their intellectual and physical advancement.

Later this can be supplemented by organizing numerous sports competitions both in regards to internal groups of an educational institution or a specific club, while at the local level can offer provincial competitions and even nationwide competitions, where youth and adults are organized according to various categories is particular and distinctions are granted for individuals (always encouraging the principle of fair competitors).

We can likewise count even with sports organizations with specific branches of attracting young talent to a certain sport, being called Semilleros or quarries, and have a particular Sports School to train aspiring young to establish different physical activities and strategies for a particular sport, accompanied by other youths who pursue the same passion and even having financial assistance programs that promote sport and sports training.

A clear example of this is in the Sports Federations, who prepare and arrange different sports programs look for to develop athletes to practice a particular activity, and also look for to integrate them away from social exemption and discrimination (more accentuated like Para-Olympic sports, for example).

With regard to professional sports (something that is extremely exhibited in Football) training young professional athletes and uptake of those with greater skills is led to an investment in order to attain a sports or success to produce an excellent Dower, financial advantage for the signing of these athletes from one club to another, and after that get to finance various economic activities for the profit of the organization.

Sports and kids