Sport is an activity that is carried out generally for recreational purposes. Although in many cases it can end up being the profession of an individual if one takes part in it in an extensive system. The sport is essentially an exercise that enters the body operation and takes it out of its resting state against which it is generally found. The value of sport is that it enables the individual to exercise, to keep the body in excellent physical level as well as it allows one to relax, kick back, stops stressing over the regular, releases tension as well as have fun.

Within the category of sport there are a great deal of activities that can be categorized as group (football, basketball), individual (tennis, swimming), entertainment (video games of different kinds), competition (more specific sports and high demand for the practice), and so on.

Sports have a very positive influence on the lives of children, youth, and grownups, as they allow exercise and spending time with family or friends in a healthy environment.

We analyze the benefits that reveal that sport is not just for individual, however, for the society as a whole.

Enhances health

According to the World Health Organization, 6% of all deaths worldwide are because of the absence of exercise, which likewise triggers illness such as breast cancer and colon cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Exercising routinely assists to avoid illness and to control the overweight and body fat percentage. In addition, it reinforces bones, increasing bone density and enhances the ability to make efforts without fatigue. Mostly, it promotes the maturation of the motor nervous system and motor skills increases.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Psychological way enhances the state of mind and reduces levels of depression, tension and anxiety. It makes us feel excellent psychologically, due to the fact that endorphin is released during a workout, better referred to as the hormone of joy.

It offers us the opportunity to interact socially and healthily

Specialists state that teenagers and children who play sports are less likely to fall under addictions like drugs or alcohol and when it comes to females, the possibilities of a pregnancy at an early age are much lower.

Kids who play sports can make friends concentrated on healthy, safe and satisfying activities. The exact thing applies to grownups that are able to establish relationships around an active lifestyle. Exercise and healthy competitors supply socialization options that are healthier and possessions compared to more inactive activities.

It facilitates success in academic community

Researchers at the Autonomous University of Madrid, suggest that students who play sports, thus, training muscle strength and motor ability, tend to carry out better in school and rating higher on standardized tests. In addition, they have lower dropout rates and a better opportunity of entering college.

It is a tool to establish character

Sports likewise promote values and help develop character as they promote sincerity, teamwork, and fair play, plus regard for colleagues and opponents. The experience of winning or losing teaches us to be patient and to tolerate frustration. Competition in general builds self-confidence and tension management. Finally, assuming a major function within the group likewise helps to establish management skills.

It assists remove social problems

By promoting regard and teamwork, practice some sport that has shown to be an effective, able to fight societal problems such as bigotry, sexism and other forms of bias tool.

WHO suggests that children and youths from 5 to 17 years should devote a minimum of one hour a day to do some exercise, energetic and ideally aerobic, to stay healthy. In the case of grownups aged 18 to 64 years, the suggested minimum time is 150 to 300 minutes a week of moderate strength or 7-150 minutes with energetic intensity.

As pointed out, the sport brings lots of advantages to the individual involved and there is an activity that is necessary for the individual to reach a level of comfort and fulfillment. Sport helps to improve the physical condition, however, also the state of mind because of the exercise; it releases endorphins, those components that pertain to the feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. Sport is important because in group it allows us to interact with others and fight together for a typical goal; when it is specific, it permits us to completely enhance ourselves look as excellent results depend on exclusively and solely on us.

Value of Sport